HR Partner is proud to offer its services to a number of manufacturing businesses across the local area. Often, these businesses have started as small family run businesses but have successfully expanded their business and their workforce. An expanding workforce typically presents a heightened need for HR resource which we are able to provide on the Company’s behalf.

In manufacturing our involvement from an HR perspective has been challenging and varied over the years. However, in recent times we have supported the clients with cases such as complex breaches of health and safety, inappropriate use of equipment and duty of care all of which carry serious consequences in a factory environment. HR Partner provides advice and support to the senior management team where this becomes a matter of misconduct and the disciplinary procedure must be instigated.

Our services have allowed for investigations into misconduct to be investigated independently with HR Partner taking the lead on the investigation process, inviting employees to attend a meeting and interviewing any key witnesses to alleged incidents. Our resources allow for an independent Consultant to then manage the disciplinary process and agree on any appropriate sanction with management. At each stage, HR Partner will advise on appropriate action and any risks to the business in terms of appeal or employment tribunal